Grant Morrison and David Finch team up to bring Bruce Wayne back in style

Grant Morrison and David Finch team up to bring Bruce Wayne...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, November 16th, 2010
In addition to being a comic fan, I’m also a sports and music nerd. And like any fan, my imagination tends to wander. What if singer X played with guitarist Z? What if QB so-and-so had WR what’s-his-name to throw to? Would they have made one great, epic album? Would they have won the Super Bowl? The same kind of logic applies to comics. What if this writer worked with that artist on character X for an issue? Well, I can check one of those fantasy team-ups off my list. This week, writer Grant Morrison -- who has masterminded the adventures of Batman to unforeseen heights over the last few years -- joins forces with superstar artist David Finch for BATMAN: THE RETURN. The one-shot issue leads into Morrison’s ongoing BATMAN INCORPORATED series and gives fans a quick taste of what Finch has in store when he launches his own Batman title – December’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT – as an artist and writer. But it’s so much more than that. In classic Morrison fashion, we’re presented with a collection of tantalizing clues, a mysterious new villain and the comfortable and flowing characterization that makes it seem much too easy. All expertly illustrated by one of the modern masters in Finch. This is the first chapter of the next stage of the Batman books – a new status quo, a future in peril and your favorite characters presented through the mind-blowing imaginations of Grant Morrison and David Finch. Is more convincing needed? Probably not. But here’s a first look anyway. BATMAN: THE RETURN hits tomorrow.