It’s not a stretch to say that a lot of work goes into getting what you hold in your hands when you have a finished comic book or graphic novel. From script to pencils to inks to colors to the final printed or digital copy you hold in your hands, the creative process is a wonder for an outsider to see. That brings us to PROCESS PIECE, which will be a regular feature here on The Source. What we hope to do is bring you, the reader, into the room – from script to final lettering – so you can get a sense of what’s going on with not only your favorite characters, but your favorite creators. We begin with SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, from writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis. The sequence we’ve selected to run’s a jaw-dropper, as we see Clark Kent don the Superman duds for the first time. Click below to dive in and read the entire post. See you there. PAGE SEVENTY-THREE PANEL ONE An arm slips into a blue costume. 1) CAPTION "'re unique in all the world." PANEL TWO A blue shirt is pulled down over a head. 2) CAPTION "Extraordinary." PANEL THREE A boot is pulled on. 3) CAPTION "Not just ANY man...and more than just A man..." PANEL FOUR The S symbol on his chest fills the frame. 4) CAPTION "...a SUPER-man..." page73 sme1hc073 sme1galley-081-copy PAGE SEVENTY-FOUR FULL PAGE Superman stands in mid-air, revealed in his costume and his full strength. A beauty shot. 1) CAPTION "...Superman...." page74 sme1hc074 sme1galley-082-copy PAGE SEVENTY-FIVE PANEL ONE A downshot from behind Superman as he comes roaring down out of the clouds, heading for where a group of mechs and tanks have congregated. PANEL TWO Superman CRASHES into the middle of them like a meteor streaking out of the heavens, WHOMP! PANEL THREE The mechs start POUNDING down at him, operating in unison. PANEL FOUR Superman looks up at an incoming Mech-fist, his own fist cocked back. PANEL FIVE The impact of his fist hits like an explosion, blasting away the mechs. 1) CAPTION "Target acquired, advance forces engaged." page75 sme1hc075 sme1galley-083-copy PAGE SEVENTY-SIX PANEL ONE On Tyrell as he walks through his ship, fully outfitted. A floating report 'bot hovers alongside. 1) BOT Preliminary analysis indicates forces as deployed will be unsuccessful in current engagement -- 2) TYRELL There was never any question. They were never MEANT to defeat him. PANEL TWO Close on Tyrell as he enters a shuttle-pod. 3) TYRELL They were meant only to bring him... to ME. So that I may finish that which needs to be finished. PANEL THREE As the door closes on him. 4) TYRELL The death of the last survivor of Krypton. PANEL FOUR The shuttle-pod DESCENDS from the mothership. page76 sme1hc076 sme1galley-084-copy PAGE SEVENTY-SEVEN PANEL ONE Lois and Olsen stand their ground in the middle of a street as others flee past them. Olsen is looking through the camera, taking photos. The place SHAKES with the OS battle. 1) OLSEN Lois, you SURE you want to be out in the open for this? 2) LOIS Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world. PANEL TWO Close on Olsen as he looks through the lens. 3) OLSEN Ditto. PANEL THREE A through-the-camera-lens (complete with readouts) re-do of the classic Action Comics image with Superman throwing a car at robbers...only in this case he's throwing a tank-like vehicle at a bunch of mechs. page77 sme1hc077 sme1galley-085-copy