Magic, murder, adventure, literature. For those unfamiliar with The New York Times bestseller THE UNWRITTEN, this series by the celebrated team of Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross, takes familiar themes and stories of all genres and gives them a completely unexpected and fascinating literary twist. At the heart of THE UNWRITTEN is the seemingly ordinary Tom Taylor, whose claim to fame are the series of Tommy Taylor wizarding books his father wrote. After fans begin to worship Taylor as the boy wizard made flesh, he is drawn into a strange literary underworld where the power of storytelling is as strong as any spell. The eagerly anticipated issue #17 (an issue designed in the tradition of the Choose Your Own Adventure / Pick-a-Path / Which Way children’s books) focuses on Lizzie Hexam. Lizzie, Tom’s fervent but enigmatic guardian who may or may not be the character from the Charles Dickens novel Our Mutual Friend, is brought to the edge of a complete mental breakdown. unwritten-17 unw_17_dylux-1-copy unw_17_dylux-2-copy Issue #17 explores who Lizzie really is and the contradictory and impossible events that made her what she is. Is she a victim or champion? A madwoman or a saint? That's for you and fate to decide as you pick the path you want to go down. unw_17_dylux-3-copy Now, we don’t want to spoil the story, but here’s where the interactive part begins and what happens if you follow the path from page 1 (as distinguished by the little number in the box) to: Page 16 unw_17_dylux-14-copy Page 39 unw_17_dylux-28-copy This multiple Eisner-nominated series tells its most ambitious stand-alone story to date in an oversized and absolutely unique issue that will have you going back and reading it over and over. But it’s more than a kitschy novelty. It's complex and emotional and continues to speak to the series’ grand themes of storytelling. I can’t wait for you to enjoy it!