batwoman-0 To say anticipation has been high for the launch of the new BATWOMAN series would be an understatement. The character of Kate Kane instantly connected with fans, and her initial solo adventures in DETECTIVE COMICS (which you can read in the BATWOMAN: ELEGY HC – see what I did there?) cemented the character as a lasting part of the DC Universe and the cultural landscape. Not only was she the first major gay DC superhero, she was a compelling and unique character. A lot of that goes back to the source material, namely the story crafted by ELEGY writer Greg Rucka and the beautiful, lush work of artist J.H. Williams III. And, as we announced in this very space not long ago, Batwoman’s story would continue in the pages of her own series, co-written by Williams and W. Haden Blackman and featuring alternating artistic arcs from Williams and Amy Reeder. Well, now we’ve got some details to go with that news. This November, fans will see BATWOMAN #0, a one-shot primer that brings together the new creative team for a special tale that sets the tone for the upcoming ongoing series, which will hit in February 2011. The #0 issue features an artistic collaboration in the truest sense, as both Williams and Reeder will be splitting the work on almost every page, and working off a script from Blackman and Williams. As previously revealed, the ongoing series will kick off with Williams on art duties for the first arc, followed by Reeder. reederbwm That image you see above? The variant cover to BATWOMAN #0 by Reeder. Let’s touch base with the creative folk putting the issue together. "BATWOMAN #0 has been a great experience in that it's a real combination of everyone's efforts due to the nature of the story and how it's constructed. It has been a real pleasure.,” Williams said. “This special ‘bridge’ issue straddles between what came before and what is to come, but manages to be it's own unique thing. It's unusual construction allows two threads of content to run simultaneously, building to a greater whole, hopefully creating an interesting reading experience." "The element I'm most excited about with our run of BATWOMAN is the way we're trying to balance the big action with a more personal story. This has been a challenge because we didn't want to just have one action-oriented plotline for Batwoman and a separate personal story for Kate Kane -- we've really tried to weave the two together, and show how one impacts the other,” Blackman said. “The first arc is very much a superhero horror story, but we're hoping the horror elements are made even scarier because it's all happening to characters the reader cares about. "The #0 was very rewarding to write because it re-introduces Batwoman through the eyes of Batman. It gave us a chance to compare and contrast Batwoman with a character everyone knows very well -- and I think that it's all the ways she is different from Batman that make her a really compelling and honest character." And Amy does a nice job of summing the whole shebang up: "BATWOMAN #0 is going to be stellar. J.H. and Haden's script is very cool and it's set up in a way that's truly meant for collaboration. What a great project to be involved in!" Indeed. Stay tuned for a few more news items this week and next.