Earlier this week, we broke the news that Jock would be pairing with writer Scott Snyder this November to tackle the Dark Knight’s adventures in DETECTIVE COMICS. But there’s more to that book. Pairing with the main feature, Snyder will pen a COMMISSIONER GORDON co-feature, with artist Francesco Francavilla (WildStorm’s GARRISON) on art, and I’m going to step back and let Francesco’s jaw-dropping art speak for itself: gordon_teaser_low The co-feature, which will not only standalone but also become part of a greater story Snyder is telling, is obviously in good hands, huh? But what do the creators have to say about it? Scott? "I'm a huge fan of Francesco's work and have been for quite some time. His style is dark and daring with a good amount of noir to it, but there's also a striking physicality to his art - his characters always look very real, very vulnerable and human. Which is why I always thought he'd be perfect for the job; because this story is dark and dramatic with some big revelations, but it's also about Jim Gordon, the man, coming to terms with some very tough skeletons from his past... Or rather, one skeleton in particular - someone who has just now returned to Gotham, too... So I simply could not be more excited about Francesco's involvement. With Jock on feature, Francesco on back-up, this is exactly the team I'd hoped for! (Huge giant-penny-sized thanks to our editor Mike Marts for the creative freedom and support.) Can't wait to see what you think of the book, DC Nation!" And the artist himself: "I have been a fan of everything Batman since... ever! I've also been a fan as of late of the terrific storytelling of that talented fella known as Scott Snyder, so you can imagine my reaction when I got the invitation to be part of this run of DETECTIVE COMICS. I pinched myself, then asked my wife to pinch me, and only then did I realize it was real. All I can say is--can't wait to start on this! I read Scott's script and... you guys are in for a treat!" I think, based on that teaser image alone, things are looking good for DETECTIVE COMICS in November. Stay tuned to The Source today and beyond for more info.