It’s not a stretch to say one of the most recent success stories to come out of Vertigo is AMERICAN VAMPIRE, a neo-horror classic-in-the-making that has garnered critical and commercial acclaim with it’s modern and exciting take on vampires in America. Well, bats and vampires aren’t distant branches on the family tree, either. So, it’s with great pleasure that we announce that AMERICAN VAMPIRE writer Scott Snyder will be stepping into the DCU with a major new assignment – ongoing writer of DETECTIVE COMICS, starring Batman, starting in November. Can it get better? Sure — Snyder is now exclusive to DC Comics. img_0982 And Snyder’s no stranger to The Dark Knight, as the photo above shows. But we’ll let him get into that. Take it away, Scott: “I've read Batman religiously since the 80's, and there are many stories dear to my heart - from Year One to the Cult to No Man's Land to Hush and The Long Halloween - but I've been particularly amazed by what the Batman team in general, and Grant specifically, has done with the character over the last few years. I couldn't be more thrilled or honored to be working on Detective right now ... this is honestly my dream job. As for the series, I want to play things pretty close to the vest for now, but I can tell you that it'll star Batman, and will focus heavily on his CSI work and hardcore mysteries set around Gotham. The back-up will center on Commissioner Gordon and involve a certain case - and a dark figure - from his past that comes back to haunt him in present day Gotham. The feature and back-up will be stand-alone, but will affect and inform each other. Again, huge thanks to Mike Marts and everyone in the great Bat-family for making a place for me in Gotham - I'll work hard to earn my keep. And please, DC Nation, let me know what you think, too!” I’m sure they will. Thanks, Scott! And stay tuned to The Source for more news today and the rest of the week.