SM_Cv700_ds.indd We’ve put the spotlight squarely on the Man of Steel this week, and deservedly so – 700 issues is nothing to scoff at. We’ve had an all-star cast of creators swinging by this here blog to chime in on Superman, from quick asides to lengthy walks down memory lane. Next up is artist Bernard Chang, who teams with writer James Robinson to present the first story in SUPERMAN #700 – a touching tale of reunion and regret. What does he have to say about the issue? Let’s find out. Take it away, Bernard: sm_700_dylux-4-copy “The opportunity to work on SUPERMAN is every artist's dream. he represents ideals that have defined the modern day American superhero, and is perhaps the most recognizable pop culture icon on earth. to be a part of this monumental issue is a tremendous honor. i tip my hat to my fellow creators who helped contribute to the first 700, and look forward to the amazing work yet to come in the next 700.”