That’s right — starting later this year, J.T. Krul will step in to chronicle the adventures of the DCU’s premiere teen team. But what can readers expect? We cornered the writer for a quick comment. Take it away, J.T.: "To say I am thrilled to be writing Teen Titans would be the ultimate understatement. They are one of the premiere teams in all of comics and have a rich pedigree of incredible stories by amazing creators.  To be able to add to that heritage is an honor in every respect.  Although I've written this family of characters before, the Teen Titans were either dealing the horrors of dead friends and foes coming back to haunt them, coping with dissolving team ranks, or suffering from the utter despair over losing limbs and loved ones.  I'm eager to get the chance to tell brighter stories that build the team up stronger than ever - Titans Together!" Swing by NEWSARAMA for the full scoop, including comments from Mr. Krul.