The amazing new series AMERICAN VAMPIRE by creator and co-author Scott Snyder, master of horror Stephen King and artist Rafael Albuquerque is going back to press for a second printing just days before issue #2 goes on sale. If you haven't picked it up yet-and your store still has copies left, pick up a copy along with issue #2 this Wednesday. If you need more encouraging, here's what the media is saying: “Forget the neurasthenic, elegantly neurotic, aristo vamps of so much popular literature. Skinner is more like crossing Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul with a young, slim, undead Ronnie Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd: a tough little cuss who wants to bite for the blood, for the class-revenge, and for the pleasure of it. . . . Very smart, knowledgeable stuff. . . . Add Rafael Albuquerque’s excellent art, which mixes shadowy action with bright sunlight and sketchy characters, and you’ve got one promising new series.” —ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY/Shelf Life “Looking for a vampire story with some real bite? Then, boys and girls, Scott Snyder has a comic book for you. one bloody good ride.” —USA WEEKEND “Half-Snyder, half-King, all Albuquerque, and all excellent. . . . Structured the way it is -- with Snyder and King presenting very different tonal approaches to the vampire genre, even while sharing a character in common -- the first issue feels layered. It feels literary. And yet still wonderfully nasty. . . . And Stephen King gives us a vampire western. Sam Peckinpah mixed with F. W. Murnau. Dusty, sweaty, ripe. With dialogue to match. . . . "American Vampire" #1 seems as ambitious as its title. It's not just another vampire story. It's a story about America. Bloody, vicious, and a whole lot of fun.” —COMIC BOOK RESOURCES “AMERICAN VAMPIRE delivers one hell of a satisfying package, and the format alone is almost as intriguing as the actual stories told. . . . A rich, textured romp through vampire Americana. . . . In the Stephen King section in particular, Albuquerque works with colorist Dave McCaig to deliver a gorgeous, painterly style that recalls Francis Manipul's recent work on Adventure Comics. Beautiful stuff. . . . . AMERICAN VAMPIRE now has me fully on board, and Stephen King is now only part of the reason.” —IGN “It’s clever and smartly told. . . . is American Vampire’s mastermind. Albuquerque’s a superb caricaturist. . . . American Vampire #1 shows the promise of a true winner.” —BLOG@NEWSARAMA “Go buy this book.” —TIME/Techland “A spectacular-looking book.” —io9 “With the arrival of Vertigo’s AMERICAN VAMPIRE . . . Comic-Con fans can finally rejoice. . . . Stephen King draws blood in the comic book AMERICAN VAMPIRE.” —MAXIM Magazine “We've seen comics from King before, and plenty of novelists attempting the jump to comics like Snyder, and of course, more than enough vampire franchises, but after reading the first issue we can say that the resulting comic here is something far more than the sum of those familiar parts, and beautiful besides, thanks to the spectacular art of Albuquerque.” —COMICS ALLIANCE “AMERICAN VAMPIRE is full of amazing dialogue and great characterization, simply an amazing book that begs to be picked up. Just when you thought you knew Stephen King he goes out and impresses the hell out of you once again. Do not miss out on this book.” –AINT IT COOL NEWS “Rafael Albuquerque holds the whole show together excellently. The art is stark, vivid and full of color, not missing a detail of the story or action. . . . What Snyder, King and Albuquerque have done here is craft an excellent introduction to these stories. The issue gives you a nice insight into all of its major players, and Snyder begins creating an interesting world inside both periods in American history. . . . he authors and illustrator are reinstating the idea that vampires aren’t loveable, but bloodthirsty, dangerous and above all, scary. It’s definitely worth a pick up. . . . And if it’s any indication of what’s to come, the entire series should be one to watch.” —FANGORIA “So many vampires have populated so much fiction lately that it's tough to get excited about yet another title featuring the bloodsuckers. This one does it. For one thing, both Snyder and King are gifted storytellers. For another, the vampires aren’t namby-pamby emo kids. And for a third, Rafael Albuquerque's art is cinematic and foreboding.” —OKLAHOMA GAZETTE “AMERICAN VAMPIRE adds a welcome twist to the concept by making it a period piece - both in the Old West and pre-talkies Hollywood - making for a tale that offers something a little different. In both narratives, the writers establish existing vampires in roles of social predominance. . . . Albuquerque's art is phenomenal, and to his credit he and colorist Dave McCaig are able to adjust to the time period of both stories. . . . Vertigo, once again, lives up to the hype.” —CRAVE For a more sophisticated, though still type-driven look at vampires, there’s Vertigo’s just launched AMERICAN VAMPIRE. As a package, the first issue is little more than a slim teaser, though one that promises a lot of ideas to come. Also promising: Rafael Albuquerque’s art for both stories, executed in a stylized Art Deco manner for the Hollywood story, and a rougher, more painted look for the Western story. His flexibility and attention to style and detail in both cases is exciting, and invites a second look at the whole project. B+” —THE ONION