jasylum1-cover-color This lovely piece of art is the cover to JOKER’S ASYLUM: THE RIDDLER #1, hitting in June as part of the month-long JOKER’S ASYLUM event. Nice, huh? And, while we have your attention thanks to the masterful Mr. Ethan Van Sciver, here’s a breakdown on the one-shots and the creators involved: THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: THE RIDDLER #1: Written by PETER CALLOWAY, Art by CLAYTON HENRY, Cover by ETHAN VAN SCIVER THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: HARLEY QUINN #1: Written by JAMES PATRICK, Art by JOE QUINONES, Cover by CLAUDIO CASTELLINI THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: MAD HATTER #1: Written by LANDRY WALKER, Art and cover by BILL SIENKIEWICZ THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: KILLER CROC #1: Written by MIKE RAICHT, Art by DAVID YARDIN, Cover by FRANCESCO MATTINA THE JOKER’S ASYLUM: CLAYFACE #1: Written by KEVIN SHINICK, Art and cover by KELLEY JONES Each issue serves as a special standalone story, narrated by the Clown Prince of Crime himself, giving readers a frightening inside look at the psychotic lives of the Dark Knight’s greatest foes. Sounds like a crazy time, no?