It's been a busy few weeks for Mr. Straczynski, huh? Not only did we announce his upcoming run on both SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN, but just last night, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES spoke to the superstar writer about another DCU original graphic novel, SAMARITAN X. What is SAMARITAN X? Too early to get into too much detail, but you can sate your curiosity by reading the full CBR interview, excerpted below:

CBR News: At this point, I'm sure the project and its conception is very new so let's start with the basics: What is "Samaritan X" both in terms of its story and its format, and how did this come about amid all your other writing work at DC and beyond? J. Michael Straczynski: Starting with a graphic novel and a potential regular monthly series thereafter, the book is about the Samaritan X Hospital, based in Gotham, which specializes in individuals with super-powers. At its core, it’s a human drama set against the backdrop of super-human characters from the DC Universe, where the skills of ordinary men and women may mean life or death for the strongest among us. Samaritan X is as impressive outside as it is inside: a twenty-story gleaming glass and steel tower with two landing platforms on the roof, bullet-proof glass three inches thick, a staff of the best and the brightest in a variety of disciplines, and every high-tech, cutting-edge medical, scientific and diagnostic tool ever created, all in service to an area of specialization, and a clientele, that is utterly unique. In a world where super-powered individuals fight a never-ending battle against evil, Samaritan X is where those wounded on either side of that struggle come to be treated and saved. Within its walls the essential human drama of life and death is made even more intense by its application to those whom the world calls heroes or villains, the celebrated and the vilified, the nearly immortal and the previously invulnerable.