brcov013new Speculation's been bouncing around for a while now as to who's going to take over the artistic reins after artist Andy Clarke's stint on the series comes to an end, and we're happy to confirm that the next artist is none other than Frazer Irving, who's no stranger to collaborating with BATMAN AND ROBIN writer Grant Morrison, having teamed for the KLARION THE WITCH BOY mini-series during the SEVEN SOLDIERS event. But what hasn't been talked about much is just how integral Irving's upcoming arc is to Grant's other Bat-series. Namely, BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. In fact, Irving will be pulling a bit of double-duty, as he'll be handling art on the second issue of the six-issue mini-series. We checked in with Bat-editor Mike Marts to give us the lowdown on Irving's artwork: "Frazer’s a unique comics creator in that he handles all aspects of the art chores—pencilling, inking and colors—which gives him the best creative control an artist could ask for. And with fantastic results! Readers will drool when they see Frazer’s amazing pages to both BATMAN projects he’s working on." Thanks, Mike. And because we're in a generous mood, we managed to put together a list of the artists contributing to each issue of RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. So, here goes: #1: Chris Sprouse #2: Frazer Irving #3: Yanick Paquette #4: Cameron Stewart #5: Ryan Sook #6: Lee Garbett Pretty impressive lineup, no? We'll have art to show from each issue as we get closer, but in the meantime, enjoy Frazer's variant to BATMAN AND ROBIN #13 above and the variant to BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #2 right here: robwcov2