gav2_cv1 As THE RISE AND FALL continues to rage, we're getting a glimpse of how things will shake down amidst the rubble and tragedy surrounding Star City. Oliver Queen has been branded a murderer by his friends. Roy Harper is facing a shattered and twisted reflection of his past life. The Brightest Day looms -- but what does it mean? Some of those questions will be answered in the coming months, and a few more will be answered in June, with the debut of a new, ongoing series: GREEN ARROW. From writer J.T. Krul and artist Diogenes Neves, the team that brought you the turning point GREEN ARROW #30, comes a tale of redemption and rebirth -- but for whom? After "The Fall of Green Arrow" how can Ollie Queen effectively carry the heavy bow of the Emerald Archer? And what mysteries await in the shadows of what's left of Star City? We got on the line with writer J.T. Krul for some hints, but there wasn't a lot to say, which just made us all the more curious. Take it away, J.T.: "This is it!  We've been saying for awhile now that 2010 was going to be big for Green Arrow, and you can't get much bigger than this.  As we put together the story for the Fall of Green Arrow and developed where he was going to end up and what Ollie's life was going to be like, we knew it was truly a new beginning.  A BRIGHTEST DAY beginning at that! In the wake of the turmoil in Star City, the people need someone in their corner more now than ever.  Most of those in power, be it business or government, are looking for ways to exploit the situation to their advantage. The city is rife with crime and corruption of epic proportions and it's only getting worse.  But all is not lost.  Oliver Queen's got his quiver. Now, it's time for Green Arrow to move into the role he was always meant to be - outlaw for the people. For this relaunch, Eddie and Adam and the guys at DC have put together the best team possible to make Ollie shine like never before. Diogenes Neves and Vicente Cifuentes killed on the Black Lantern Green Arrow special and we knew they were the guys to relaunch the Emerald Archer.  And don't even get me started on the cover work by Mauro Casciolli.  I'm so happy to finally share it with the rest of the world - because it's been my screen saver ever since I saw it.  Now THAT'S Green Arrow!!!" And we probably won't get much more info than that, but until then, we've got a lovely piece of Mauro Cascioli cover art to keep us on our toes right above this text.