We’ve gotten a kick reading the great work writers Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, John Rozum, Matthew Sturges and all involved have done in the pages of THE SHIELD and THE WEB – so what else is in store for the Red Circle heroes? And if, like me, you’ve been a fan of these characters for a long time, you also know that in previous incarnations these characters were in a little group called…well, I’ll leave it up to Red Circle Editor Rachel Gluckstern to do the heavy lifting on this post. Take it away, Rachel: “Back when the Red Circle books launched, I said that these characters have such different agendas and personalities that it would take a damn good reason to get them all in a room together. Well. red_circle_final_lr Intel says the passphrase is "Crusaders". But can they defeat the threat they've uncovered? Or will they destroy each other instead?”