The title is pretty ominous on its own: ADVENTURE COMICS STARRING BLACK LANTERN SUPERBOY. But what more can we reveal about the issue, which is written by Tony Bedard, with art by Travis Moore? Well, we're not saying a ton, but ADVENTURE COMICS editor Brian Cunningham has a few choice words to share. Take it away, Brian: “The title is ‘What Would Black Lantern Superboy Do?’ and, frankly, he says some pretty outrageous stuff, plumbed from Conner’s subconscious. In fact, we learn an awful secret about Conner that I kinda wish I didn’t know. And there is a HUGE moment in this issue that no one will want to miss. ADVENTURE #7 tangibly pushes the character forward in a way you won’t expect.” Thanks, Brian. And now, let's take a look at these covers, shall we? From Aaron Lopresti and Francis Manapul. adv7_variant_cmyk1 advcomics7cvrcmyk1 ADVENTURE COMICS #7 hits 2/10.