games-cover_cmyk2-front A few things to ponder while you recover from the headline and that amazing George Perez cover. 120 pages of classic, New Teen Titans action. George Perez and Marv Wolfman together again. So, yes. The OGN will hit stores this year. What more is there to say? Let's check with Marv, shall we?: "It’s all the regular Titans, obviously because the story was plotted back then it’s Troia, in that costume, Nightwing, Cyborg, Changeling, Danny Chase, Jericho, Starfire, and a number of others but they’re all there. This isn’t a big surprise. What this really is, is the uncovered story that had been done at the height of the Titans. And except for the actual dialoguing, that’s exactly what it is. Because as I said, George drew 80 of the pages back then." For more from Wolfman and Perez, check with COMIC BOOK RESOURCES for interviews with both legendary creators about their return to the Titans.