bop_01cover600cmyk-7-sm You’ve read about BRIGHTEST DAY and the titles that will be waving the banner starting in April, like THE FLASH, TITANS, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA and the just announced GENERATION LOST. But that’s not all. Starting this Spring, writer Gail Simone and artist Ed Benes will reunite to launch a new BIRDS OF PREY series. As many of you can recall, Benes first made a splash in the DCU when he paired with Simone on the original series. And guess what? He’s gotten better. Check out the artwork above if you’ve got even half a doubt. But Alex, what’s this new incarnation have in store for fans, you ask? We can’t tell you, but maybe Simone will. Here's a snippet from her first interview about the gig: "I am really excited and I missed those characters terribly. I miss almost every book I’ve ever written, but the Birds have a special place in my heart and brain." For more from Gail, head over to AOL’s COMICS ALLIANCE blog for a full interview on the new series.