jli-001_color-with-final-co Not a whole lot. But we’re gonna try anyway. JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST. Keith Giffen. Judd Winick. Two writers with a knack for sharp wit, dialogue and compelling stories. Oh, and Giffen’s got a history with the Justice League, doesn’t he? And Winick’s got the snappy dialogue and a gift for the gab. Hm. We can show the snazzy Tony Harris cover you see above, but we can’t say anymore. They can, though. How’s about it, guys? “It didn't really hit me until last night when I woke up screaming,” Giffen said. “They're back in my life. Be afraid, Judd. Be very afraid.” "Most of my best work has been driven by fear, so it takes the edge off to have it all this anxiety out in the open," Winick said. "But mostly what Keith and I are trying to say about this book is that we're NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK. Yet. Stay tuned." Not saying anything? Doubtful. Swing on by NEWSARAMA to hear what these gents have up their respective sleeves. Maybe.