smmapublicity What happens when the world's most legendary fighter enters the ring against the world's greatest hero? Well, if you were around in 1978 to pick up a copy of SUPERMAN VS. MUHAMMAD ALI, then you know what it was like. The historic one-shot featured the Man of Steel teaming up with The Greatest Boxer of All Time to stave off an alien invasion of Earth. Why are we getting all nostalgic about this comic? Well, if the trip down memory lane isn't enough for you, here's some news: DC will be reprinting the story -- co-plotted and written by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams with art from Adams -- in two formats: The first is a deluxe hardcover edition featuring an expanded sketch section and additional content with a new cover by Adams. For all those fans of the book in its tabloid form there is also a limited edition hardcover in the original trim-size with the complete, original cover of the landmark issue. Both collections will hit in the fall of 2010. Stay tuned here to The Source for more news on this collection in the coming months.