dcuin2010 Well, that's a wrap, folks. At least for now. Thanks for spending time with us as we roll out part of our plans for the coming year. It's been a busy and exciting few days here in Source-land, as you can probably imagine. So, why not take a moment to look over some of the major press hits spinning out of "DCU in 2010," shall we? • AIN'T IT COOL NEWS spoke to writers Geoff Johns and J. Michael Straczynski about their respective EARTH ONE OGNs, while NEWSARAMA caught up with artists Gary Frank and Shane Davis for their take. • TIME's TECHLAND blog cornered Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson to talk about the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN event slated to hit the DCU next year. • BATMAN: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE writer Grant Morrison sat down with USA TODAY's John Geddes to discuss the time-hopping adventures of Mr. Wayne. • AOL COMICS ALLIANCE lead blogger Laura Hudson talked to incoming BATMAN AND ROBIN artist Andy Clarke and Batman Group Editor Michael Marts about the series and Clarke's upcoming stint. • MTV's SPLASH PAGE blog cornered writer Marc Guggenheim about his upcoming ACTION COMICS gig. • After showing off some lovely Francis Manapul Barry Allen art, his partner on the book, writer Geoff Johns, talked to Geoff Boucher from LA TIMES' HERO COMPLEX blog. • COMIC BOOK RESOURCES talked to both Dan DiDio and LEGACIES writer Len Wein about the upcoming 10-issues series spanning the history of the DC Universe. • IGN closed out the week with a chat with incoming GREEN ARROW writer J.T. Krul about the Rise of Arsenal and more. Quiet week, eh? Note my sarcasm. Before I sign off and let you all enjoy your weekend, I want to give a quick thanks to all the readers for stopping by this week and visiting with The Source. Hopefully you'll stick around in the coming weeks. Because, as I noted above, this week's rollout is only part of what we have in store for you in 2010. Have a great weekend, folks.