And, if we know, you’ll soon find out. Usually. But before we go ahead and give you the news, we want to remind you that superstar artist Cameron Stewart is locked and loaded as the artist on BATMAN AND ROBIN for three issues, the first one of which hits next month. We’ve been super-careful about showing any art until the perfect time – now. bmrob-702100 bmrob-703100bmrob-704100 Can’t wait? I know. It’s tough. But you’re welcome to revisit these images as often as you like, ok? As some of you loyal SOURCE-ers know, this week is all about announcements, pointing to the big stuff happening in the DCU in 2010. It’s hard to argue that there’s a bigger title than BATMAN AND ROBIN, which has been rocking the new Dark Knight’s universe with regularity. So, who’s the next artist that’ll pair with the hyper-talented Grant Morrison? batrob-11altcover600 None other than Andy Clarke, coming off a spectacular stint on R.E.B.E.L.S. with writer Tony Bedard. What’s the arc about? Who does Andy get to draw? Too early to say, folks. But we did snag some of Batman Group Editor Michael Marts’ time to give us his two cents. Take it away, Mike: “After Andy’s recent work on R.E.B.E.L.S. And BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL, we were dying to get him on to one of the main BATMAN titles. And this storyarc of BATMAN & ROBIN is the perfect fit for him—Grant Morrison actually tailored the script toward Andy’s artistic strengths.” batrob-10altcover600 And to hear more about the move from Mr. Marts and Andy himself, stroll over to AOL’s COMICS ALLIANCE blog.