bgv2-cv7 Stephanie Brown – you might recognize her from such “hits” as: 1. Becoming Spoiler to literally rebel against her father (Cluemaster). 2. Dating Tim (Wayne) when he was still Tim (Drake)… actually, when he was Alvin Draper.  But she only knew him as Robin at the time.  But later she found out Robin was really Tim (Drake) who was pretending to be Alvin Draper. 3. Becoming Robin when Tim (Drake) stepped away from the job. 4. On-purpose-accidentally starting a gigantic Gang War that resulted in her... 5. Dying (kind of). 6. While very much not dead, wearing a goat skull as a helmet in Africa.  It might have been a caribou skull.  Luckily it wasn’t a crocodile skull – that’s when I disconnect as a reader.  There’s no way Stephanie could have taken down a crocodile.  Maybe she got the caribou skull after a crocodile ate a caribou… 7. Working against Tim (Drake) to make him a better fighter, at the behest of Batman (Bruce). Not a stunning resumé, to be sure… but she’s doing her best to change all of that.  ‘Cause that’s what Stephanie Brown does.  In the face of insurmountable odds and reason, she just keeps going… and going… and going…Stephanie’s found new meaning in her life by adopting the mantle of “Batgirl” from Cassandra Cain.  She’s found new purpose in her life by attending Gotham U.  She refuses to be defined by the mistakes she’s made in the past.  Stephanie Brown’s looking forward, not backward. Hell, she even made Babs smile – which Babs hadn’t really done since the Birds dissolved.  She’s gotten Babs’ blessing, and more importantly, has the Barbara Gordon as a mentor and ally. A year from now, her greatest hits should look a bit different, but it all starts with: 1.   “I’m BATGIRL!” Everybody’s gotta start somewhere.  And Stephanie’s future starts now.  And she gets a sweet ride in Issue #7!