Ready for a Lobo tale like no other? Is that possible, you ask? Well, you've never seen Lobo like this before. And by "like this" I mean written by heavy metal icon Scott Ian, with art by the legendary Sam Kieth. Got your attention? Good. Lobo's not shy when it comes to make enemies. The Main Man could probably care less about who likes or dislikes him. When you live your life as loud, loose and violent as Lobo, you might pick up an enemy or 12 along the way. An enemy like, well, Satan himself. Doesn't get any bigger bad than that, does it? And Satan, my friends, does not play around. Hell's iron-fisted ruler has a serious mad-on for the last Czarnian, and he's gonna hit Lobo right in his blackened, scabrous heart. So Lobo's just gonna have to hit him harder. Repeatedly. In the FACE. But first, Lobo has to go to Hell...a little sooner than anticipated. Ian makes his comics debut, joining forces with visionary artist Kieth to bring you a Lobo story that's so over the top, you won't even remember what the top used to look like! Bleeding dolphins, demonic Chihuahuas, the world's worst cruise ship, exploding moons, severed heads, and still more sick fraggin' stuff all await you on the Highway to Hell — don't miss a single twisted page. In fact, get a dose by scrolling below. LOBO: HIGHWAY TO HELL #1 hits 11/4.