wed-copy-copy WEDNESDAY COMICS, the groundbreaking weekly series featuring the all-star talents of Neil Gaiman, Joe Kubert, Lee Bermejo, Brian Azzarello, Kurt Busiek and many more, was a critical and commercial success across the board, featuring DC's greatest characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern, in stories from the most talented creators in the industry. For 12 weeks, fans were treated to an historic and energized collection of newspaper strips compiled by editor Mark Chiarello that ranged from standard and captivating superhero drama to the surreal and innovative. But wait, there's more? Just announced at the Baltimore Retailer Summit, we've got the details on the WEDNESDAY COMICS collection, a topic that's been hotly debated and prognosticated by fans since the inception of the series. The hardcover collection of the series, which will retail at $49.99, will clock in at 11 x 17 inches, which will present the series in a deluxe, big-screen format befitting the series, which was originally printed on broadsheet newspaper pages. So, there you have it. WEDNESDAY COMICS, presented in oversized and deluxe glory. Not too shabby, huh?