Last week, we showed off some of the pages from the first issue of THE SHIELD, and now we have a look at THE WEB #1, featuring the main WEB feature, written by Angela Robinson with art by Roger Robinson and Hilary Barta. The issue also has a HANGMAN co-feature, from writer John Rozum and the REIGN IN HELL art team of Tom Derenick and Bill Sienkiewicz. Spinning out of August's "Red Circle" one-shots from writer J. Michael Stracynski comes this new ongoing series starring selfish rich-boy hero the Web, a man who has only recently come to understand the burden of true heroism. He's fighting crime on his own terms, and for his first mission he's hunting down the men responsible for killing his own brother. Talk about kicking things off on a personal note. Plus, the Hangman stars in his own co-feature with a touch of urban noir, as the hooded vigilante haunts the streets of San Francisco and struggles to discover the true meaning of his supernatural powers. What? Words aren't enough? Well, we have some pictures below. Surely that'll entice you, no? THE WEB #1 hits 9/23.