Happy Monday, Source gang. I'm back in the office, a little warmer and rested from a few days in sunny SoFla. Yes, that's how we refer to it. Moving on. We always like to start the week with something big and exciting, and this Monday is no exception. Last week, we teased "The Hunt for Reactron," the four-part crossover between ACTION COMICS and SUPERGIRL, co-written by SUPERGIRL writer Sterling Gates and ACTION COMICS scribe Greg Rucka. Well, not-so-coincidentally, we have a few pages from the first issue, ACTION COMICS #881. Spilling out of the pages of the "Codename: Patriot" finale, Supergirl and Flamebird find themselves at odds. What could make these childhood friends go ballistic on each other? Can Nightwing calm them down before things get even worse? And just what are they going to do about all those villains surrounding them? The ones in the tanks, yes. Well, you'll get some answers today, in the preview pages below, and even more Wednesday, when the issue hits, featuring some very nice Pere Pérez art, natch. But that's not all. Remember when we teased some of Rucka and co-writer James Robinson's CAPTAIN ATOM co-feature? Well, we've got some final pages for you to look over, and they're pretty stunning. If you haven't given the co-feature a look, you're missing out on some lovely CAFU artwork and a gripping story. What is happening to Captain Atom? And, more importantly, what's going on in his mind? I've teased enough. But enjoy the pretty pictures while you wait for Wednesday to roll around. ACTION COMICS #881 hits 9/16.