Experience the first days of Earth's greatest hero in SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN #1

Experience the first days of Earth's greatest hero in...

By DCE Editorial Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
It started in a tiny town. Smallville, Kansas, to be exact. There, a boy named Clark Kent would begin to learn the lessons that would help him become not just a man, but the world’s greatest defender and a universal symbol of hope and freedom: Superman. On September 29, the New York Times-bestselling creative team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank (SUPERMAN: NEW KRYPTON) reunite for SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN, a tale that has become a part of our own modern mythology and inspired generations. The tale of an orphan boy from a distant world rocketed to Earth amidst the wreckage of his home planet and raised by two caring parents deep in the heartland of America. It’s a tale of alienation, discovery and growing up in a wild world littered with colorful heroes, murderous villains and some of the most recognizable characters in storytelling history. Johns, a master of the heartfelt narrative and gifted with the ability to orchestrate a compelling superhero epic steeped in comic book lore, presents us with an all too human Clark Kent, struggling to cope with the stresses of youth and the realization that he is much more than just a boy -- or a man. With SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN, readers will experience the beginnings of not only Superman, but of some of comics’ most beloved characters and storylines in a modern, fresh setting. From Lex Luthor, Metropolis, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen to the Legion of Super-Heroes, Johns and Frank have created a work that is both definitive, refreshing and epic: the modern origin of Superman, the Man of Steel. Not too long ago, we showed off some final pages from the first issue. But here are some more, courtesy of Mr. Johns and Frank.