Well, glad you asked. It's a four-part crossover event involving both SUPERGIRL and ACTION COMIC, and, as you probably guessed from the title of the story, it also involves Reactron. But we've got more info for you, right from Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson, plus some snazzy pages. Take it away, Matt: "Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates co-write SUPERGIRL #45-46 and ACTION COMICS #881-882 as they reach the climax of a few long-simmering threads, not the least of which are Supergirl and Flamebird's blood fued, Kara's first encounter with Nightwing, and, like the title says, the hunt for Reactron, killer of Zor-El. Well, that last part isn't in the title, but you know what I mean. Oh, and since this is coming right out of 'Codename: Patriot,' everyone on Earth and their mother are gunning for these heroes." And here are some pages from the first ACTION and SUPERGIRL installments. "The Hunt for Reactron" kicks off in ACTION COMICS #881, hitting 9/16.