BLN Cv1.indd It's Wednesday. We know that means new comics. More specifically, it means a new issue of WEDNESDAY COMICS. Check out the latest SUPERMAN strip installment over at USA TODAY before you head to the shop. • Over at AIN'T IT COOL NEWS, "Ambush Bug" talks to BLACKEST NIGHT writer Geoff Johns about his plans for the summer event and beyond. A snippet:

BUG: I know BLACKEST NIGHT is just beginning, but do you have things planned out for what’s next? GJ: I can’t say much, but I will be on GREEN LANTERN for a long time. I have no plans to leave the book. Next year, GREEN LANTERN is going to be my main focus for the entire year. I’m launching a FLASH monthly book soon and there’s going to be a KID FLASH monthly book by Sterling Gates. Those two books are going to work in unison and explore the Flash in very much the same way GREEN LANTERN and GREEN LANTERN CORPS are tied together right now. They’ll be their own separate books, but then they’ll come together. The idea, some of it comes from BLACKEST NIGHT and REBIRTH, but the idea is to explore what it means to be the Flash, what the Speed Force is, and all that and take it to a different level.
• And, speaking of Geoff, in case you missed it, IGN had a lengthy two-part interview with the writer to discuss the recently-unveiled cover to BLACKEST NIGHT #5, featuring Nekron. • Over at NEWSARAMA, they've got a first look at THE RED CIRCLE: THE WEB. • Also, the team at iFanboy continue to roll out content from San Diego. Worth a listen. • THE NEW YORK TIMES talks to Chip Kidd about his work and love of comics, including a snazzy slideshow of his DC work.