As some of you have noticed I'm on a FABLES kick--I recently posted about all the SDCC announcements, the upcoming CINDERELLA mini-series, and just yesterday PETER & MAX. FABLES issue #87 is the start of a new arc called The Witches. At it's heart is an inside look at the many witches of the 13th floor and one of my favorite animal characters, Bufkin the flying monkey. I know, weird right? I think it's because, as a child, the creatures were so scary to me in The Wizard of Oz, yet turned out to be good in the end, that I became fascinated by them. Bufkin can often be found putting books on the high shelves of the business office, but since the collapse of Fabletown, the office has gone missing and now Bufkin's trapped with the evil Baba Yaga and must endure her wrath. In my excitement for all things FABLES I want to give you a peek inside issue #87. Yep, this 5 issue arc is gonna be good!