img00131 I usually go for some kind of pun or play on words with my headlines here at The Source -- or maybe I just think I do -- but this one should be as clear as possible, because it's pretty cool. In a segment taped on Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con, LATE NIGHT host Jimmy Fallon talked to our very own Dan DiDio and BLACKEST NIGHT writer Geoff Johns. The concept? Well, Jimmy was -- like many other aspiring comic pros -- shopping an idea around. Specifically, "The Recharger," a hero who can...well, "recharge" your cell phone....Seriously. I'm not doing the skit justice here, so best to just go take a look for yourself: LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON has video of the entire segment. And, as an added bonus, here are some photos my shaky hands took with my Blackberry while the segment was being taped. img00121img00122img00124img00132img00135