Day one is almost complete here in lovely San Diego, and what’s a day at SDCC without some kind of news? Not just any news, either, but something fun and involving one of comics’ biggest fans and supporters. As you probably saw on G4 already, we debuted the final cover to BOOSTER GOLD #23, revealing just who Booster’s #1 fan really is. Who is it? Well, none other than Blair Butler, co-host or correspondent or Fresh Ink Host from G4's Attack of the Show and an all-around comic book fan. So, before we collapse in a heap from just a partial day of con madness, we’ve got the cover to the issue right here. Thanks to Blair for being such a good sport. BOOG Cv23 ds And while there can only be one #1 fan, you can show your support in t-shirt form. Our friends at Graphitti Designs will be selling shirts with this very cover emblazoned on it right here at the con. Our President and Publisher, Paul Levitz, got the chance to present Blair with her very own "BOOSTER GOLD FAN CLUB" shirt yesterday, as the photo below attests. photo Well, what are you waiting for? And no, I won’t buy one for you. shtboostergoldfanclub