tk_artbrut_dc_0241_a Ever wanted to take a tour of the DC offices? Like living vicariously through rock stars? Well, now you can do both. Indie rockers Art Brut paid a visit to 1700 Broadway this week, and the gang at UNDER THE RADAR Magazine were there to document the proceedings. As you may know, Art Brut's latest, the aptly titled "Art Brut vs. Satan" features a song titled "DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake." Which probably means they're fans of the company, or at least big milkshake drinkers. From UNDER THE RADAR:

Under the Radar asked frontman Eddie Argos to write an essay on his love for DC Comics for our current Spring 2009 issue. When DC got word of the article they invited the British band to take a tour of their NYC offices, which happened yesterday (June 2nd). We sent photographer Tommy Kearns down to capture the action, as the band got the grand tour, met DC's Senior Vice President/Executive Editor Dan Didio, and were given a bunch of free comic books.
You can check out the rest of the photos here.