jsa-29-p11-new-lr In about a month or two Justice will be served up fresh and furious by a brand new team starting with JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #29! That’s right, fabled writers Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges will join phenom artist Jesus Merino just as several new members join the storied super-hero team itself in a story arc that’s sure to shake the JSA and the group’s Mansion headquarters to its very core! jsa30p11 Almost every villain available AND their brother have joined the bounty hunt for almost every single member of the JSA… while a murderous mystery takes hold at their home base—with two new legacy members at the center of the storm! That’s the general pitch—but so you don’t think this is just another biased load of hype you really DO have to take a look at the attached bunch of pages from the first couple of issues of this storyline—called THE BAD SEED! These pictures by amazing artist Jesus Merino really ARE worth a thousand words so I will basically shut up from here on! jsa29-p12-13 I did say basically… because I don’t want to sell the writers and their contributions short either… bringing a fresh—if skewed look to the show, Willingham & Sturges are outdoing themselves. And while I can’t speak to their day-in-and-day-out interaction/collaboration… they seem to be on the same page—though something tells me that the JSA might not be the only team shaken up by this lead off adventure! Oh… and some folks will be returning to the JSA, too… so the fate of this series really IS in good hands!