Just what happens after "Deathtrap"? Well, lots. In #72 alone, Wonder Girl finds her leadership challenged, the team faces the Fearsome Five and well, you get this as a first page: tt72-page-1 Hm. Ominous. Let's check in with TEEN TITANS editor Brian Cunningham for some more details. Take it away, Brian: "Which fallen Teen Titan lies in that coffin? You’ll get your first glimpse come June 17, when Teen Titans #72 hits stores. It’s part one of a three-part opus that will literally shatter this group in ways you won’t expect. I know that statement can tend to come off as overblown hype, but believe you me, it’s gut-check time for this bunch. I’m willing to bet my prize 1976 DC calendar that Titans fans will be pretty stoked when they read Bryan Q. Miller and Joe Bennett’s brutal three-issue story for our teen heroes. It’s relentless in how much punishment is dished out. And I’m talking punishment on so many levels — between team members, between good guys and bad, and even between bad guys and bad. Grueling choices must be made throughout, and all actions have dire consequences. Some, as you can plainly see, are much more horrible than others. I mean, c’mon, I wouldn’t bet my ‘76 DC calendar on just anything!"