batgirl1cvrblog Well, a little more, at least. We're not going to spoil the party right away and tell you who's behind the mask. Heck, it might be someone you've never met before. Or it might not. But, we can give you the lowdown on who the creators on this new ongoing will be. First up, the series will be written by Bryan Q. Miller, who is no stranger to superheroics, having done some writing for a little show called "Smallville." Miller will also be penning a three-issue arc of TEEN TITANS, starting in July. On art, we have Lee Garbett, who's been doing a bang-up job as the regular artist on THE OUTSIDERS. Just wait until you see his interpretation of Batgirl -- definitely a post for another day. He'll be teaming with inker Trevor Scott. And, for those of you kind folks chiming in on the comments, the cover artist is none other than Phil Noto, who did up the shiny piece of art you see above.