bnln_0r-31-copy Happy Monday, all. By now, you've probably pried yourself away from the pile of free goodies you snagged from your local comic shop on Free Comic Book Day, which was Saturday at participating stores. How was it? Get anything cool? As you probably know, FCBD also marked the debut of BLACKEST NIGHT #0, kicking off this summer's mega-event from writer Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis, along with artist Doug Mahnke. If you haven't gotten a copy, you might have time to take an early lunch and beg your favorite retailer to pretend it's Saturday. • THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS kicked things off for New Yorkers with a nice primer of events happening in the Big Apple. • Geoff Boucher, over at THE LA TIMES Hero Complex blog, had a nice general FCBD primer for fans on the big day, which is worth checking out to get a sense of what publishers were offering. • USA TODAY's David Colton also had a nice FCBD preview, along with a quote from our very own Geoff Johns, who summed up the event like so:

"It's like the peace summit of comic books when all of the major publishers work together," says Geoff Johns, writer of DC's Green Lantern. "There's always something for everyone."
• Speaking of USA TODAY, over at their Pop Candy blog, Whitney Matheson points out five books fans should've picked up on FCBD, including BLACKEST NIGHT #0, which Whitney described as: "Green Lantern fans are psyched about this all-new story that introduces the new series and is guaranteed to include more top-notch writing from Johns." • Additionally, Comic Book Resources had a 15-hour marathon of coverage, while Newsarama made their annual FCBD pilgrimage to Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, in Charlotte. So, how was your Free Comic Book Day? Let us know.