Mike Carey

Credited as:
Writer, Introduction

Mike Carey is a British comic book writer who began his career writing for U.S. independent publisher Caliber Press, where he created the original series Inferno and produced the graphic novel Dr. Faustus with artist Mike Perkins. He went on to write a number of projects for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint including the Eisner Award-nominated series LUCIFER, an extended run on HELLBLAZER and the original graphic novels THE SANDMAN PRESENTS: THE FURIES with John Bolton and HELLBLAZER: ALL HIS ENGINES with Leonardo Manco. He is currently the writer of Vertigo's acclaimed series THE UNWRITTEN, which he co-created with his LUCIFER collaborator, artist Peter Gross. Carey is also known for his work on WETWORKS for DC Comics as well as X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics.  As a novelist, he has penned five supernatural thrillers in the Felix Castor series and co-wrote The Steel Seraglio (UK title City of Silk and Steel) along with his wife, Linda, and their daughter Louise.


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