John Bolton


John Bolton is a British comic book artist who lives and works in London, England. Bolton's classic techniques give a realistic edge to his horror and fantasy work and his innovative approach to sequential art has earned him great acclaim. His professional work in the UK first appeared in magazines such as Look-In, Warrior, and House of Hammer where he illustrated comic adaptations of the classic Hammer films such as Dracula and Curse of the Werewolf. His introduction to the world of American comics came in the early 1980's when he illustrated many projects for Marvel Comics including several with writer Chris Claremont. Bolton's first work for DC Comics was part one of the BOOKS OF MAGIC mini-series written by Neil Gaiman and published in 1990. His other works for DC include, MAN-BAT, BATMAN/JOKER: SWITCH, and several notable projects for DC's Vertigo imprint including GIFTS OF THE NIGHT, MENZ INSANA, THE FURIES, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, and THE GREEN WOMAN.