Alfredo Alcala


Alfredo Alcala was born in the Philippines in 1925 and became a popular artist in that country with the release of his creator owned property Voltar in 1963.  The acclaim in his home country lead him to the American comics industry where in the early 1970’s he began a career that would see him work steadily for very nearly the next 30 years.  During this time Alcala worked for several comics publishers including Marvel Comics, where he is best known for the many issues of Savage Sword of Conan to which he contributed, often times providing inks over pencils by John Buscema. He also provided artwork for a number of issues of Creepy and Eerie magazines for Warren Publishing.   DC Comics initially showcased Alcala's talents in the early 1970’s in its horror and war comics  such as GHOSTS, UNEXPECTED, WEIRD WAR TALES and HOUSE OF SECRETS. He later moved on to titles such as ALL-STAR SQUADRON, DETECTIVE COMICS, and most notably SWAMP THING where his graceful, moody inks helped maintain that book’s style through various art and editorial changes.  Alcala died in April of 2000.