Batman: Gotham Knight (2008)

In this 6-story anthology collection, Batman faces new villians and old ones in a time-line after Batman Begins. 


"Have I Got A Story For You"


Three kids tell wildy different stories about Batman during a fight through Gotham.




Focuses on two poilcemen who end up getting in the middle of a crime battle.



"Field Test"


Writer Jordan Goldberg showcases the incredible high-tech arsenal Batman commands and reveals that there are some things even Batman won’t do in his pursuit of justice.


"In Darkness Dwells"


Batman ventures into the Gotham sewers to face “Killer Croc,” a deformed thug who seems even more monstrous after the Scarecrow returns with his fear toxin in this story by David S. Goyer, co-screenwriter of Batman Begins.


"Working Through Pain"


Award-winning comics writer Brian Azzarello explores an early chapter of Bruce Wayne’s training, showing how a mysterious and exotic Indian woman named Cassandra introduced Batman to techniques that would help him to conquer the physical and spiritual consequences of his actions.




Alan Burnett -- one of the most-acclaimed writers on Batman: The Animated Series -- ties together threads, as Batman must thwart an unerring assassin whose love of guns and disregard for human life lets him cross lines that even a Dark Knight traverse.





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Christian Bale
Action, Adventure, Drama
Shojiro Nishimi, Futoshi Higashide, Hiroshi Morioka, Yasuhiro Aoki, Toshiyuki Kubooka, Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Bruce Timm, Eiko Tanaka, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, Masao Maruyama
Josh Olson, Greg Rucka, Jonah Nolan, Jordan Goldberg, David S. Goyer, Brian Azzarello, Alan Burnett
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