When the criminal justice system fails, one man is willing to do what it takes to eradicate crime. Vigilante is a one man judge, jury and executioner, targeting lawbreakers who have evaded prosecution. The only due process he’s interested in is his collection of firearms—just ask the body of criminals he’s left behind.

Adrian Chase was once a hotshot district attorney and the job gave him a firsthand look at how criminals manipulate loopholes in the justice system. He soon grew disillusioned with the law and began bending the rules in his quest to prosecute the Scarapelli criminal empire. Scarapelli retaliated by detonating a bomb in the Chases’ home, killing Adrian’s wife and children. Realizing he couldn’t bring Scarapelli to justice as DA, Adrian adopted the identity of Vigilante and took matters into his own hands.

As Vigilante, Adrian Chase stalks the criminal underworld, but his quest for vengeance has taken a toll on him. The increasingly lethal nature of his career weighs on Adrian, who has begun to feel that Vigilante is doing just as much damage as the criminals he is hunting. Inspired by Chase’s mission, multiple men and women have taken up the Vigilante mantle over the years, with varying degrees of success. Still, with a criminal justice system that continues to let far too many privileged wrongdoers off the hook, it’s clear that Vigilante isn’t going anywhere. As long as there is crime going unpunished, he’ll be there delivering his own violent brand of justice.


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