Jesse Custer

A priest wanting to connect with God isn't unusual. That sort of comes with the job. A priest wanting to locate God for the sake of giving him a stern talking-to and maybe a punch in the face? That's not exactly common. Then again, the phrase "not exactly common" applies to many of Jesse Custer's actions...

Preacher is the infamous acclaimed series that gathers congregations of readers around the wayward preacher Jesse Custer, who—after absorbing the supernatural creature known as Genesis—finds himself with the ability to make people do what he says. So he takes his new power and hits the road, intending to have a word with the Almighty about the state of the world. With his quirky new pal Cassidy—who just happens to be a vampire—and his old girlfriend Tulip by his side, Jesse travels the United States, looking for God in all the wrong places.

As he makes his way from one corner of the country to another, Jesse just may discover there’s a lot more to life than he ever realized. However, not all of it is good, and when his uncompromising methods set him at odds with many of the world’s most depraved individuals, some bizarre cult-like organizations, and one ornery evil saint, you have to wonder…when it comes to finding a God who’s abandoned us, does Jesse Custer even have a prayer?


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