Hawk and Dove

The universe's duality is made manifest in the form of two champions, one for war and one for peace, empowered by the Lords of Order and Chaos.

The cosmic forces that maintain balance in the universe work in strange and unexpected ways. Years ago, the Lords of Chaos and Order gifted brothers Hank and Don Hall with superpowers, transforming them into the superhero team Hawk and Dove, the avatars for the forces of War and Peace.

Hank became Hawk, a red-and-white-clad superhero defined by anger and aggression, while Don, known for his compassion and levelheadedness, became Dove, who wore a mirroring blue-and-white costume. Hank’s shoot-first, ask-questions-later attitude, coupled with his unwillingness to compromise and mile-wide stubborn streak, made him a difficult person to work with for just about everyone but his brother—and even Don had his limits—while Don’s eagerness to see compromise and aversion to fighting often made him reluctant to act.

Tragically, the brothers’ partnership was cut short when Don was killed during the catastrophic events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. College student Dawn Granger was chosen by the Lords to replace him. Over time, Hank accepted Dawn as a fitting successor to his brother.

Dawn’s level head, along with her willingness to see reason and compromise, make her the perfect counterpoint to Hank’s hair-trigger rage and stubbornness. But her measured manner should never be mistaken for weakness. Even though she may be more careful with her power than her partner is, she’s anything but a pushover.

For more on Hawk and Dove's history, visit their page on DCUniverse.com.


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