As the primary agent of the Monitor, Lyla Michaels was tasked with preparing Earth’s heroes for the highest stakes battle in the history of the multiverse.

Young orphan Lyla Michaels was marked for death at sea in a violent shipwreck, and as far as the world was concerned, that was her fate. In truth, Lyla was saved moments before her demise by a powerful being known as the Monitor. Locked in eternal struggle for the fate of reality with his antimatter counterpart, the Anti-Monitor, the Monitor had chosen Lyla to act as his personal agent in observing, testing and preparing the world’s greatest heroes and villains for the day their battle spilled over into their universe. To accomplish this important task, the Monitor granted Lyla the powers of strength, flight, regeneration and, most importantly, duplication, allowing her to occupy multiple points at once in order to better prepare the earth for combat in the limited time before the Crisis on Infinite Earths and announce the event’s coming. In this capacity, Lyla Michaels assumed the identity of the Harbinger for her grave but essential duty to announce the doom of the world should its defenders fail to defeat the Anti-Monitor.

But unwittingly, Harbinger proved just as effective as an agent of the Anti-Monitor himself. When the Crisis arrived, the Anti-Monitor managed to corrupt Harbinger, leading her to betray the Monitor and bring about his death by her own hands. Mad with grief over what she had done, Harbinger shook free of the Anti-Monitor’s influence and used the last of her powers to save the doomed worlds of Earth-4, Earth-S and Earth-X, allowing its heroes to merge into the New Earth which arose at the end of the Crisis.

For more on Harbinger's history, visit her page on DCUniverse.com.


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