A powerful mage of the highest order with abilities above the laws of nature. There are virtually no limits to his mastery of the darkest magic. His powers are only exceeded by his lust for domination and designs for universal subjugation. His sworn enemy is the mortal Travis Morgan—the Warlord!

Drawing upon the ancient knowledge of the pre-cataclysm Atlantean civilization, Deimos has become nearly immortal. Able to transform himself into various creatures and summon armies of demons, he is truly one of the most fearsome antagonists in the Multiverse. However despite his great abilities, his survival is dependent on his subservience to Brainiac, and he has remained hidden in the lost world of Skartaris—a land hidden deep within the planet’s core. 

Evil will always find another way and the same can be said of the necromancer Deimos. With the disappearance of Brainiac, his dark time has come round at last. All that is needed is an instant of opportunity for his malevolent fury to reach its full potential. He will steal the powers from the Time Travelers who have kept him in check and put his ultimate plan into motion…and all that is at stake is the very being of space and time.


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Character Facts

First Appearance
1st ISSUE SPECIAL #8 (1975)

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