It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and all month long we’ve been spotlighting the DC Universe’s AAPI heroes—including right here in the DC House of List-ery. We kicked things off with a look at seven AAPI Teen Titans, followed by a roundup of Asian WildStorm heroes. But the Justice League is the heart and soul of DC, and over the years their roster has included its fair share of amazing Asian members. Some of them have even joined multiple versions of the League! We couldn’t let this month wrap without highlighting our favorites. From a sword-wielding mercenary to a brilliant scientist, here are five remarkable AAPI superheroes who have been members of the Justice League.

Doctor Light

Real Name: Kimiyo Hoshi

First Appearance: Crisis on Infinite Earths #4

Powers: Kimiyo has photokinetic abilities, which means she has the power to manipulate light. Kimiyo can absorb all forms of light and channel it into energy. Using this energy, she can fly, create light blasts, energy constructs and power blasts. Kimiyo can also transform herself into light and phase through solid objects.

Justice League Tenure: Maxwell Lord invited Doctor Light to join the newly formed JL in 1987’s Justice League #1. Lord did this without consulting the team, but they had little reason to complain about Kimiyo’s inclusion. Once Kimiyo found out that Lord was lying and manipulating the League, she quit in protest. However, she later joined a few other incarnations of the Justice League, including Justice League Europe. 

Green Arrow

Real Name: Connor Hawke

First Appearance: 1994’s Green Arrow #0

Powers: Connor Hawke—DC’s second Green Arrow—is an expert marksman, a skill he inherited from his father Oliver Queen. Connor is also one of the greatest martial arts experts in the DC Universe. He’s fought against powerhouses like Lady Shiva and lived to tell the tale. He may be known for his arrows, but his fists are even deadlier.

Justice League Tenure: After helping defeat an enemy known as the Key, Connor was invited to join the Justice League in 1997’s JLA #9. At the time, his father Oliver Queen was dead and Connor felt a lot of pressure to live up to his legacy. He quickly formed a bond with Kyle Rayner, another new member trying to fill the shoes of a deceased legend. Connor left the group in 1997’s JLA #15, feeling that he was being wasted on cosmic adventures when he should be helping people down in the streets. However, he has continued to serve as an ally to the Justice League whenever they need an extra archer.


Real Name: Tatsu Yamashiro

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #200

Powers: Tatsu has no metahuman abilities, but she’s still one of the deadliest warriors in the DC Universe. Tatsu is an expert fighter who can battle the planet’s deadliest warriors without breaking a sweat. She is especially skilled in the art of swordsmanship. Her signature weapon is the Soultaker, an enchanted katana that steals the souls of its victims.

Justice League Tenure: Tatsu was selected by Amanda Waller in 2013’s Justice League of America #1. Waller wanted the government to have their own Justice League team that she could control. Waller also believed that Katana would be a challenging combatant for Wonder Woman if the two versions of the team were ever forced to battle (Waller never stops running scenarios.) The group eventually went their separate ways.

The Atom

Real Name: Ryan Choi

First Appearance: DCU: Brave New World #1

Powers: Ryan can alter his size and weight while maintaining his full strength. In other words, he can shrink to the size of a housefly and punch criminals with the strength of a full-grown man. Originally, Ryan’s abilities came from his Quantum Bio-Belt, but after some genetic alteration he was able to grow and shrink without using it.

Justice League Tenure: In Justice League of America: Rebirth #1, Batman sought to recruit Ray Palmer for the new Justice League team he was assembling. However, Palmer was missing and Batman was surprised to find Ryan Choi using his mentor’s old equipment (which he had improved on). The Dark Knight was initially dismissive of Ryan, but Lobo of all people convinced him that he would be a good addition to the group. Ryan remained a valued member of the JLA until that iteration of the group broke up. He then went on to help form the Justice Foundation, a superhero think tank that helps humanity through advancements in science and technology.


Real Name: Damian Wayne

First Appearance: Batman: Son of the Demon (unnamed baby), Batman #655 (full introduction)

Powers: Damian isn’t old enough to vote, but he’s one of the best fighters in the DC Universe. That’s what happens when you’re raised by the League of Assassins since birth. Plus, he’s spent years training under his father, Batman, who has taught him plenty of other useful skills as well. Damian is a sharp detective, an expert in stealth and a speedy acrobat.

Justice League Tenure: When the Omega Titans set their sights on our galaxy, the Justice League expanded their ranks and split into multiple teams. As seen in DC Nation #0, Flash led a group called Justice League Team Wisdom, which included Damian. Robin’s arrogance annoyed his teammates, but they were able to get the job done. Once the threat of the Omega Titans was stopped, the Justice League consolidated their ranks, and Damian returned to leading the Teen Titans. A few years later, he briefly joined Jon Kent’s replacement Justice League during Dark Crisis. While Robin’s time on the Justice League has been brief and largely in an emergency capacity, he is young. Give the kid time to grow up. Eventually, he’ll be in the running to lead it.

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