DC Celebrates Trina Robbins; Activist, Cartoonist, Writer, Friend

DC celebrates the life and career of activist, cartoonist, writer, and a beloved Wonder Woman of the world, Trina Robbins.

During the 80s, Robbins became the first woman credited with drawing a full issue, and a full run, of Wonder Woman comics with the publication of The Legend of Wonder Woman, collaborating with Kurt Busiek for the project, and in the 90s Robbins returned to DC to write Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story, working with artist Colleen Doran. Throughout her career in comics, and beyond, Robbins brought joy, kindness and consideration to everything she created.

Robbins was also a champion of human rights, a historian, an editor, and a friend to all she knew.

She is immortalized in DC’s pantheon having appeared in the pages of Wonder Woman Annual #2 in 1989, featuring Robbins alongside Wonder Woman in a story by Lee Mars, Ramona Fradon and Shelley Eiber, and will be missed by her loved ones, fans, and those that benefited from her activism and kindness through her decades-spanning career.