Zatanna: Bring Down the House – DC’s Backwards-Speaking Spellcaster Makes Her DC Black Label Debut

ZatannaBDTH Main cover

Available for Pre-Order Friday, March 15

On Sale Tuesday, June 25

In the DC Universe, Zatanna is known for her backwards-speaking spellcasting, but what good is a backwards spell that’s locked away in your darkest memories? DC and magic fans will find out this June, as Eisner award-winning writer Mariko Tamaki (Detective Comics, Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, Crush and Lobo) and artist Javier Rodríguez (Batman: The Brave and The Bold, The Dreaming: Waking Hours, Tales of the Titans) take Zatanna on an all-new adventure in Sin City as Zatanna: Bring Down the House arrives at participating comic book shops and e-tailers Tuesday, June 25.

In this DC Black Label series (17+), Zatanna Zatara is the greatest entertainer in the worst hotel and casino off the Las Vegas strip. The ritzier hotels would love to have her as a headliner, but since a devastating instance of magic gone wrong changed the course of her childhood, Zatanna would much rather rock her trademark top hat and fishnets as a sleight-of-hand stage act than bother with real magic. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with this team, and having the opportunity to tell a story that spotlights Zatanna,” said Tamaki. “We’re very excited for people to see this weird little story we’ve whipped up for their reading pleasure.”       

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But Zatanna will have to take herself and her magical abilities seriously when an interdimensional vortex cracks open the very stage she performs on, releasing a terrifying demon bent on killing her. And if Zatanna hopes to escape with her life, she’ll have to face the even more terrifying consequences of her past. "I encourage readers to join us on this journey in search of magic,” said artist Rodríguez. “There is nothing more fun than working on a character like Zatanna who, issue after issue, invites you to explore every nook and cranny of the language of comics.”    

ZatannaBDTH Jimenez variant
ZatannaBDTH Martinez Bueno variant
ZatannaBDTH Janin variant


Available for pre-order March 15, Zatanna: Bring Down the House features a main cover by series artist Rodríguez, with variant covers by Jorge Jiménez, Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Artgerm, and Mikel Janín. See your local comic book shop for further details.

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