Almost everyone in the world knows the names and faces of Earth’s greatest heroes: Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. But have you ever stopped to think about the superheroes on the fringes? The ones with the weirdest superpowers or offbeat personalities? You know, the heroes no one ever talks about? Author Stephanie Williams did, and she put together a whole book so that you’ll know those characters’ names and faces just as well as you do the Justice League.

Well, maybe not as well, but these are characters that will absolutely leave an impression on you.

We’ve put together a little cheat sheet of just six of the female heroes and villains featured in Williams’ incredible Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Multiverse. If you want to meet more amazing heroes of all stripes, be sure to pick up the book, now available everywhere. (Even James Gunn is a fan.)

1) Jet

We’re not talking about Wonder Woman’s invisible jet here. With bright green flames for hair and an eye-catching costume, you can’t miss this Jet soaring through the sky! First appearing in 1988’s Millennium #2, Celia Windward was an initially reluctant superhero who was granted powers of electromagnetism by the Guardians of the Universe.

Wielding electromagnetic energy gave Celia the power to fire energy blasts and fly. Celia adopted the superhero name Jet and became one of the New Guardians. (You may have seen one of her original teammates and her good friend, Extraño, in more recent comics.) Jet fought baddies and alien invasions, but her biggest battle was with an HIV-positive diagnosis. “This girl’s got guts that just don’t quit,” Green Lantern Kilowog said of Jet.

2) Jonni Thunder

The 1980s also introduced DC Comics readers to detective Jonni Thunder (a wink to Johnny Thunder of the Golden Age) in her very own miniseries. With taglines like “Private eye by trade, superhero by chance,” how could you resist this cheeky spin on classic pulp novels?

Jonni first appeared in 1985’s Jonni Thunder #1 by Roy and Dann Thomas and Dick Giordano. Owner of L.A. detective agency J. Thunder Investigations, Jonni became the unwitting host of an alien energy being named Mzzttexxal. But their partnership wasn’t a friendly one. When Jonni became the super-powered Thunderbolt, she fell unconscious—and Mzzttexxal harbored a nefarious plan to take over the world. In time, Jonni stopped Mzzttexxal and gave up her powers, but she remained a determined and successful private detective.

3) Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks

Debuting in 1948, Merry isn’t just the oldest character on this list—she also has the best name! Meredith Creamer was adopted as a girl, and she found out her new brother was the Star-Spangled Kid. Determined to join in the fun, Merry made herself a costume and took the name Girl of 1000 Gimmicks.

Merry invented her own descriptively named gadgets for taking down the bad guys, like a “vest rocket net” and a “wind siren.” Even though her brother insisted it was too tough for a girl to be a crimefighter, Merry proved him wrong time and time again. Eventually, Merry returned in 2000’s Young Justice #16 and showed that she’s still got it.

4) Mindboggler

Let’s go back to the 1980s to meet Mindboggler! Leah Wasserman, a villain who first took on Firestorm in the pages of The Fury of Firestorm #29, rocked mean illusion powers and an even meaner mohawk. Her punk rock look made her a fashion icon forever, but her days as a super-villain weren’t quite as long-lasting. She tricked Firestorm into attacking innocent people through her illusions, and he eventually delivered her to a jail cell.

Mindboggler decided to help Firestorm after realizing that her superpowers had turned her into someone she didn’t like. In time, she joined the Suicide Squad. Sadly, after Leah stood up to Captain Boomerang for harassing their teammate Plastique, he let her get gunned down during a mission as revenge.

5) Dr. Myrra Rhodes

You’ve probably heard of the Creature Commandos, but have you met Dr. Myrra Rhodes? You will in the pages of Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Multiverse! Once a plastic surgeon, exposure to a mixture of experimental chemicals transformed her hair into snakes. Unable to practice medicine any longer, Dr. Rhodes joined the Creature Commandos and took the name—you guessed it—Medusa.

Myrra lamented her horrific appearance but put her all into being a hero. She might have looked like a monster, but she never lost her soft heart or desire to help others.

6) Velvet Tiger

Another villain of the 1980s, perhaps the wildest era for the debut of new characters. Velvet Tiger first appeared in a Batgirl side story in Detective Comics #518. Her real name is Lani Gilbert, and she uses her shrewd mind and considerable wealth in her quest to conquer the criminal underworld. She’s also got a phenomenal tiger-striped suit that we can only assume is made of velvet.

Computer crime, hacking and extortion were Velvet Tiger’s preferred criminal activities, making her a great foil for Barbara Gordon as her greed continued to drive her to villainy.

Stephanie Williams found these astonishing women, and so many more characters of the DC Universe, biding their time to stand in the spotlight again. Who else is waiting to be discovered in the amazing Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Multiverse? Grab a copy for yourself or the DC fans in your life this holiday season to find out!

Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Multiverse, written by Stephanie Williams with a foreword by James Gunn, is now available in bookstores, comic shops, libraries and online retailers.

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